Cutting process duration

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Куттер и вакуумный куттер K+G Wetter, ГерманияThe aim of a cutting process is to mix and homogenize all the ingredients. In different cutting machines and with various initial recipes these processes are analogous. But an optimal cutting duration when the technological properties of a sausage-meat get to the extreme values change from time to time. Cutting goes under the high velocities of knifes, so that large quantities of heat can occur. The process should be long enough to release as much as possible soluble muscle protein for stabilizing an emulsion. But it also should be rather short to prevent protein from heating denaturation.

A cutting process is one of the most important operations in meat emulsified products technology. Such parameters of this process like cutter knifes velocity, ingredients input order, ingredients temperature and cutting duration determine an emulsion stability and so the product quality. All parameters could be found in technology, but in most cases real cutting process duration is chosen by a cutter operator in accordance with his experience and a feeling of the sausage-meat.

G.V. Bakunts and others [1], developed the device for measuring “cutting parameters” in the cutter. It works on principles of rotation viscosimeter with a spherical measuring tool. It was purposed to be used in automation of cutting but till this time mostly it wasn’t. V.D. Kosoy [2] created the method of calculation cutting process duration for raw materials with defined structural-mechanical properties. It is based on finding geometrical and kinematical characteristics of a cutter. It can be used for average meat and fat mixtures. But it is possible that it won’t suit for special meat – like DVD or PSD or some other that structural-mechanical characteristics values are rather different from average for beef. Structural additives can also take large effect on SMC.

That’s why finding a new express-method for determining optimal cutting duration for up-to-date raw materials is an actual problem. Author hopes to solve it by researching the functional-technological, structural-mechanical and electrical properties of different sausage-meat during the cutting process.

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